Ather 450S.

Elevate Your Ride with the Ather 450S - Smart, Stylish, and Sustainable.

Power play.
Every day.

90 km

True RangeTM

Certified Range 115 km

90 km/h

Top speed

3.9 s

0-40 km/h

A dash of change.

First-in-segment DeepViewTM display.

DeepView™ display

Industry-first patented 18-segment EBN display. Its 20X richer contrast and 50X deeper black, for super sharp clarity in both sunlight and low light.

Turn by turn navigation

Never miss a turn even in a 8-way roundabout with 18+ directional possibilities.

See, accept or reject calls

All this, without taking the phone out of our pocket.

Play, pause or change music

Rock to classic. Classic to pop. Pop to jazz. All it takes is just one toggle.

Safety first,
second, and third.

Emergency Stop Signal (ESS)

In a panic braking situation, ESS alerts the people around by activating the blinking of the tail light. This safety feature, seen only in high-end bikes/cars, is now on Ather.


In case the rider falls off, this feature cuts off the power supply to the motor and stops the scooter from moving further. As an additional safety layer, both the indicators also start blinking, to alert fellow riders on the road.

Dual disc brakes

Quick acceleration, complemented by quick braking.

Little-big things
for big-little rides.

Park Assist™

Glide out of tight parking spots


Detects slope automatically. Holds your scooter without you holding brakes

22L Boot space

Ultra spacious for all your wants and needs


Store much more, on the go

Monoshock suspension

Keeps you comfy on those bumpy roads

Side-stand sensors

Never forget to take off the side stand

Auto indicator cut-off

Senses a turn, cuts off on its own

Guide-me-home light

The headlight stays ON for 20 sec after switching the scooter off

Go incognito

Switch on incognito, switch off location tracking

Side step

Everything that a side step never was. Great form. Great function

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Salt Green

Space Grey

Cosmic Black

Still White