Ather 450X.

Experience the Future of Electric Mobility with the Ather 450X - Where Style Meets Sustainability.

One mighty scooter.
Two power variants.

3.7 kWh Battery

150 km

Certified Range

2.9 kWh Battery

111 km

Certified Range

Higher TrueRange

For the places you planned. And beyond.

110 km

3.7 kWh

90 km

2.9 kWh

New Switchgear

More control on the go.

Push location from WhatsApp to your Ather

Trip Planner

Power behind the


A 6.4kW PMSM motor brings out the true power of electric. Take off and keep gliding at top speed with an instant torque of 26 Nm. No jerks, no vibrations, no quivers, just thrills.


With 1.1 bn+ km across roads, weather conditions and geographies, the Ather battery pack comes with an unparalleled track record. Powered by Lithium-ion cells and one of the smartest battery management systems in the industry, it offers superior, consistent and reliable performance, year after year.

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Think about ride,
not range.

90 km TrueRange™, true on paper and on road

Based on millions of kilometres of ride data under different environmental conditions across the country.

SmartEco™, the true friend of TrueRange™

Get TrueRange, without missing on the thrill of the ride. SmartEco mode makes sure you get 90 km and the power of the higher modes. Enjoy the performance, leave range worries to the scooter.

Charge while you ride with Coasting Regen

Just let go of the accelerator when you are going down the slope or slowing down without braking, to charge on the go.

Maximise range with Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

TPMS notifies you when the tyre pressure goes high or low. Get maximum range out of your Ather as even a deviation of 1 PSI can affect your range.

Charge at home or miles away

Malls, cafes, in your neighbourhood or by the road. Take your Ather places and further with our largest network of two-wheeler EV charging stations.

A to B to Z, easy. With Trip Planner™

Figure out the distance, total travel time, and routes with Ather fast charging points on your intercity trips. So, hop across the city or plan a loooong ride over the weekend.

Safety first,
second, and third.

Emergency Stop Signal (ESS)

In a panic braking situation, ESS alerts the people around by activating the blinking of the tail light. This safety feature, seen only in high-end bikes/cars, is now on Ather.


In case the rider falls off, this feature cuts off the power supply to the motor and stops the scooter from moving further. As an additional safety layer, both the indicators also start blinking, to alert fellow riders on the road.

Dual disc brakes

Quick acceleration, complemented by quick braking.

Little-big things
for big-little rides.

Park Assist™

Glide out of tight parking spots


Detects slope automatically. Holds your scooter without you holding brakes

22L Boot space

Ultra spacious for all your wants and needs


Store much more, on the go

Monoshock suspension

Keeps you comfy on those bumpy roads

Side-stand sensors

Never forget to take off the side stand

Auto indicator cut-off

Senses a turn, cuts off on its own

Guide-me-home light

The headlight stays ON for 20 sec after switching the scooter off

Document storage

Store your documents, on the dashboard for quick access

Go incognito

Switch on incognito, switch off location tracking

Side step

Everything that a side step never was. Great form. Great function


Cosmic Black

Salt Green

Space Grey

Still White

True Red

Lunar Grey