Ather Rizta.

The scooter that’s made for your family. Safety for your loved ones. Smarts to stay connected. And space to carry it all. Come, feel the magic.

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Quite fast. Made to last.
Easy to charge.


Top speed

2500 +

Fast charging points

Wide Pillion Backrest

We’ve got your back. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Spacious Floorboard

No more squeezing your legs in. Tall or small, there’s enough room for all.

Rear Monoshock Suspension

Mom won’t complain about potholes anymore. No matter the roads, every ride is sure to feel extra comfortable.

Easy Ride Modes

Smart Eco mode for days you want longer range. Zip mode for days you want peppy rides.

Full marks for safety.


Maybe it’s rainy. Maybe it’s sandy. Either way, Papa never let you slip. Neither will we. No skidding, no kidding.

Share live location

Let your family know where you are, every step of the way. Even when you’re riding.

Tow & Theft Alerts

When your Ather is parked, you'll be notified of the slightest movement. The lights will also flash to alert others nearby.

Ping My Scooter

Find your scooter wherever it’s parked, with flashing light alerts.

Emergency Stop Signal

When you brake suddenly, your tail lights will flash to alert the riders behind you.

Front Disc Brake

Stop exactly where you want with brakes that react as quickly as you do.


In case of falls, the motor shuts down automatically so that you get up safer.


Pangong Blue

Cardamom Green

Alphonso Yellow

Deccan Grey

Pangong Blue

Siachen White

Deccan Grey